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        Laser Module

        Different from the one-dimensional quantum well process used in common semiconductor lasers, the unique nanostructure of quantum dot LD can confine quantum constraints on the three-dimensional movement of injected carriers, thus reducing threshold current, temperature and noise, and expanding the spectrum gain range.In the wavelength range of 1064nm-1320nm, the laser performance for stable mode-locking, uniform spectrum and temperature-independent can are obtained.
        Application: medical treatment, national defense, material processing, seed light source, etc.

        Fiber(Coupled) - Contnious

        High-energy Optical Fiber Components are mainly used for laser pumping and high-energy laser transmission, which covers from visible to near-infrared band. Fiber cores range from 100μm to 1500μm. Fiber connectors include SMA, D80, DIN, etc. Coating on the fiber end face can minimize loss.

        Free Space - Plused

        It can couple free-space light into optical fiber for transmission, with a wavelength covering 400~1300nm, which is suitable for 100μm to 2000μm core diameter fiber, and can also provide a coupler for CO2 laser.