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        Infrared Detector



        InGaAs PD

        GaAs-PD is a near-infrared photodiode, which can be used for optical communications, security, and light barriers. The products we provide include chips, built-in preamplifiers, arrays, etc., and we also provide color filters and optical fiber interface options.


        Pump laser components include: laser pump lamp, laser pump cavity, laser resonant cavity, gain medium.


        InSb detector is a photonic mid-wave infrared device with a spectral response range of 1μm-5.5μm. Compared with lead salt detectors such as PbS and PbSe, it has a wider spectrum, higher response speed and higher signal-to-noise ratio.
        Application: gas analysis, spectrum analysis, radiometer, infrared microscopy, etc.

        GaAs PD

        The one-dimensional or two-dimensional array composed of multiple PD pixels, with high responsiveness consistency and low crosstalk among the pixels, is ideal for simultaneous capture of dynamic light spots or applications of multiple wavelengths, when reducing the center distance of the pixels, the average cost of a single pixel can come down.
        Applications: spectrometers, spot position measurements, computed tomography, high speed photometers, and various medical and biochemical analytical instruments.